Paper Toss

Paper Toss 1.84.4

Office sports on your iPhone


  • Easy, mindless gameplay
  • Highly addictive
  • Three difficulty levels


  • Very repetitive

Very good

Paper Toss is a free iPhone game that is great fun for wasting some time.

If you've ever worked in an office then you'll no doubt be familiar with the paper-tossing game. It's paper, it's trash cans, and it's the savior of many a dull working day.

Now you can relive those classic moments of abject boredom any time by playing Paper Toss on your iPhone. This popular game sees you try to flick a ball of paper into a bin by swiping the screen. This would be easy in itself, only you need to take into account the wind direction and speed coming from the fans that are placed around the office. There are six difficulty levels, each with differing distances between you and the trash can.

Paper Toss proves to be one of the most addictive games I've played on the iPhone. Sure, it's monotonous but playing it is so easy and mindless to play that you can end up on it for hours without really realizing. Your highest ever Paper Toss score is displayed at the top of the screen, and the urge to keep playing in order to beat it, and to top the online tossing tables too, is very hard to resist. Some may argue that Paper Toss needs a few more obstacles and distractions though just to make the gameplay a little more varied.

I was impressed with the presentation of Paper Toss. The 3D graphics and the animation are good, and the office noise sound effects make it feel as if you're sat at your workstation.

So if you miss being at the office over the weekend or you simply want a bit of mindless fun, install Paper Toss now.

Optimized size for download over 3G/Edge


  • Optimized size for download over 3G/Edge

Paper Toss


Paper Toss 1.84.4

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